Result of OEM for overseas

Result of OEM for oversea

Ability to make a presentation
in accordance with each country

We receive requests from overseas who want to make Made in Japan product. Our experient covers 10 countries such as Europe, US and Asia. We present formulas in accordance with the regulation.

Available product

Chuang Mei Jian International (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

Chuang Mei Jian International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

In China, our group company "Chuang Mei Jian International (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd." support to make OEM product for China market.


Export service

Export service

Export service from Japan to overseas

We support to make OEM products for overseas. We supoort to expand your business in overseas where we can expect further growing.
We can develop formula according to the regulation of country, and support to arrange a document for the clearance of custom.